Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Positive to Negative.

Crazy shit!!
It was tuesday march 25 around 9 or 10 not quite sure but as i was heading back to the hood from skool waaaaay out in the fuckin valleys I had seen the most amazing thing believe it or not (well to me it was pretty awesome). As I was on the train Listen'n to immortal technique - harlem streets (good song btw) This crack head with a large ketboard gets on. At first I was like "what the fuck does he have a keyboard for?" I was about to ask em if I could get that off em for like 3 hots & then all of a sudden he turns on the keys board andstarts jam'n. When he started I was still listen'n to my ipod but then something to me to press paure...when i did that I heard the song the crack head was playin & it was fiya like real shyt. He even had lyrics it was like " brake away from the government an blah blah blah" basicall it was like F the man I was digg'n it though. (that nigga even had a lil solo ROLF" I swear if I coulda gave that dude a record deal I would of. But what was crazy is the he used to be a music teacher an crack got a hold of em. I felt kinda sorry for em but then I understood why he was so againt the gov. ,I dont blame em.

Thats the downfall of being black in the hood we accepted false reputition for the man.. Instead of recieving something useful or money they gave us prostiution an crack, without even knowing or willingly accepting it. All the people in the hood an ghettos are blind thats why they tell you to listen. Turn off the News&Read.

Love the place I live hate the ones in charge.


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