Friday, August 28, 2009

Guess who baaaack..

~Read carefully:.~
Great or What?
the sooner weed is legalized..
the faster your kids start blown..right?
next thing you know liquor stores got em..
so its like on every break instead of a "cig/N**/S******"
people are going to" sparkin" a L.
it goes from "no aww shit im high" to
"to hell yea,...what? raaad" well that sounds koo..

I wouldn't care to much..
if everybody "blew" every once in a while..
or a at least experienced it this i believe the world would be pretty rad..
Alright now with the negatives..theres always a negative..[life]?
*cough tool*
(also jumping out a water fall would be sick)
People say that the reason U.S. will not legalize weed, is they cant tax it..
Is that exactly it? i have no idea..
But what could possibly happen - i dont know, im not a psychic - but
knowing how the government works, they will taint the trees..
now "half the world" getn sick and shit..weak? we got the worse part.. at least to me..
we have the people who never really smoke& doesn't really know what weed is about..
you got a case..people trying to sue, weed gets an even worse reputation..
all i can say is....."fuck that"
id Rather smoke the purest "Trees" illegally..than smoke some tainted "streebo"
[weed is not addictive]+[&i love it]

Unlocked Lefty..
Welcome back..

something else i though was dope..
big C is back "doin it real big again/everywhere/g4"
nigga is back haha hell that nigga was dope..

*spark- lighting up
*cig- N**, S*****, cigarette.
*N**-dont trip..
*S*****-dont trip..
*blew- smoked
*trees- weed, sativa, salvya,cannabis, hippie lettuce, devils grass, pot, ganja, ennna chaukk{e'nae chak}trees, fire, woo, flight etc. will update...maybe
*half the world- america
*streebo- DIRT

did i mention im faded?