Sunday, March 29, 2009


Fuck the Gov.t..
Humanity will never have a real lfe!!
wehen you think about it

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Positive to Negative.

Crazy shit!!
It was tuesday march 25 around 9 or 10 not quite sure but as i was heading back to the hood from skool waaaaay out in the fuckin valleys I had seen the most amazing thing believe it or not (well to me it was pretty awesome). As I was on the train Listen'n to immortal technique - harlem streets (good song btw) This crack head with a large ketboard gets on. At first I was like "what the fuck does he have a keyboard for?" I was about to ask em if I could get that off em for like 3 hots & then all of a sudden he turns on the keys board andstarts jam'n. When he started I was still listen'n to my ipod but then something to me to press paure...when i did that I heard the song the crack head was playin & it was fiya like real shyt. He even had lyrics it was like " brake away from the government an blah blah blah" basicall it was like F the man I was digg'n it though. (that nigga even had a lil solo ROLF" I swear if I coulda gave that dude a record deal I would of. But what was crazy is the he used to be a music teacher an crack got a hold of em. I felt kinda sorry for em but then I understood why he was so againt the gov. ,I dont blame em.

Thats the downfall of being black in the hood we accepted false reputition for the man.. Instead of recieving something useful or money they gave us prostiution an crack, without even knowing or willingly accepting it. All the people in the hood an ghettos are blind thats why they tell you to listen. Turn off the News&Read.

Love the place I live hate the ones in charge.


Sunday, March 22, 2009


Im just really in the Zone today..

"Information is useful only if citizens can put it into a framework of knowledge and use it to solve problems, form values, and make choices. Education for sustainability will help them make individual and collective decisions that both benefit themselves and promote the development of sustainable communities." President Clinton..Not bad

"...absolute behavior control is imminent.... The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand. Man will... never self-consciously know that it has happened." Raymond Houghton

"We were trained in all phases of warfare, both psychological and physical for the destruction of the Capitalistic society and Christian civilization. In one portion of our studies we went thoroughly into the matter of psychopolitics. This was the art of capturing the minds of a nation through brainwashing and fake mental health... During the past few years I have noted with horror the increase of psychopolitical warfare upon the American public." Kenneth Groff

Brainwashing is not, as some anti-Christian educators and students contend, the Biblical process of training our children to love and follow God. The word "brainwashing" refers to a planned, step-by-step attempt to "wash" family-taught beliefs from the minds of those who oppose government ideology. In America, it would mean replacing the old Biblical values and world view with a new way of thinking that would support a totalitarian agenda. In other words, every child must become a peace child, a willing and active servant of a new world order.

A massive world-wide partnership is pioneering new strategies for social transformation. The media, the entertainment industry, computer companies, government agencies, educational institutions, the United Nations and its accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have all joined together in a common quest for a global mind change. They seek solidarity -- a worldwide unity based on a new set of beliefs and values. "Obsolete" and "exclusive" loyalties to national sovereignty, Biblical values, and the unadulterated U.S. Constitution stand in their way.

Conforming the masses to their way of thinking requires all the sophisticated tools and tactics developed at the various "behavioral science research" institutes and "education laboratories" established first in England, then in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and finally in the United States. If these psycho-social engineers win their battle against an unsuspecting public, they would "wash" away individual thinking, free speech and all the other "rights" that have made America unique. The vacuum would be filled with lofty ideals, enticing images and deceptive promises designed to mold minds that match their global vision. Group thinking and other controls and "incentives" would enforce compliance.

Bombard children with mind-changing suggestions

A familiar tale told to first-graders in Pennsylvania illustrates both the tactics and the planned transformation of the world. We all know the story of the Little Red Hen who wanted some bread to eat. She asked some of her barnyard friends to help make it. But the cat, the dog, and the goat all said "no." Finally she did all the work herself. Yet, when the bread was done and its fragrance spread throughout the farm, her unwilling neighbors were more than willing to help her eat it.

"Won't you share with us?" they begged.

"No," she answered. "Since you didn't help, you don't get anything."

In the context of traditional values, the moral of the story is: you get what you work for. But those who have learned to think and see from the new global perspective are led to a different conclusion. Listen to the kinds of questions the first grade teacher asked her class:

"Why was the Little Red Hen so stingy? Isn't it only right that everyone gets to eat? Why wouldn't she share what she had with some who had none?"

The concerned mother who heard and reported this story asked, "What kinds of values were the children taught?" The new interpretation emphasizes love and sharing, but what is missing? How might it confuse a child's values?

The answers are obvious. The children were taught socialist values. The new interpretation vilified values that had motivated Americans to be diligent, responsible and fair. The teacher's questions were actually strategic suggestions prompting the group to ridicule traditional values, to see reality and society from the new politically correct perspective, and to intimidate and shame anyone who dared to disagree.

A new mental "framework" is vital to this paradigm shift. But to launch the new system, the old patterns must be blurred and broken. The educational establishment knows that children who are fed a daily diet of biblical truth will resist their plans for change. They also know that students bombarded with strategic suggestions and idealized pagan images will probably reject Christianity. If schools can build the "right" kind of framework or filter in the minds of children early enough, the new global beliefs will fit right in. In other words, the battle for the hearts and minds of America's children will be won by the side that first trains children to see reality from its point of view.

This paradigm shift was no mystery to Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World. He wrote that education must provide a mental "framework... within which any piece of information acquired in later life may find its proper and significant place."

In the old days, that mental framework was the biblical world view. But Huxley, like most of today's change agents, called for a New Age/global framework. Like a filter, it blocks facts and ideas that don't fit, but welcomes input that strengthens the framework -- especially when communicated through stories and images that stir the imagination and arouse strong feelings.

The Betrayl

The next Generated Crisis

Introducing Abdullah Al Nefisi, for a mental exercise in war gaming, submitted for your perusal — if you are mature enough to consider potentials, trends, and human nature — if you are a thinker, careful and circumspect enough for self governance.
Could this, or something like it, be the “generated crisis” — the one causing “President” Obama to make obviously unpopular decisions, predicted by Joe Biden (full audio oddly missing, transcript)* and even Colin Powell (video) on the very same October 19th Sunday, before the election? Could “our own government” (under the control of an anti-American, global Marxofascist insurrection) possibly be conspiring with radical Islamists, to murder perhaps hundreds of thousands of Americans, and blame it upon the free militia movement?

Does that appear to be a very crazy question? Then, I suggest we stop thinking of such people as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Charles Schumer as conventional Americans. Let us instead, perform a thought experiment and, 1. think of them as radical Marxists or radical fascists (either one; which does not matter much, since there is very little difference) then, 2. think of the history of radical Marxists and fascists, over the past century.

It is no mere coincidence that Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pot, and Hussein were cult-of-personality socialists and that together, they were guilty of roughly three hundred million murders. If you have been reading the facts presented in this and similar sites, you already understand that Barack Obama is a cult-of-personality socialist and as such, he has significant backing inside and outside of Congress.

Now, please watch this recently uncovered video, by a loose lipped Islamist professor, Kuwaiti, Abdullah Fahd Abd Al-A’Aziz Al-Nafisi, PhD.

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As you look through the subtitles, you will see that he describes two scenarios or plans: 1. anthrax brought across the Mexican border by an Islamist terrorist and, 2. the bombing of a power plant along Lake Michigan, by “rednecks” in America’s “militia movement.” In both cases, he cheers them on. And how would this man know about such things? How would he have exactly these two instances in mind and why would he talk about them?:

Four pounds of anthrax in a suitcase this big, carried by a fighter through tunnels from Mexico into the U.S., are guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within a single hour, if it is properly spread in population centers there. What a horrifying idea [in mocked expression] 9/11 will be small change in comparison. [Smiling]

Am I right? There is no need for airplanes, conspiracies, timings, and so on. One person, with the courage to carry four pounds of anthrax, will go to the White House lawn, and will spread this “confetti” all over them, and then will do these cries of joy. It will turn into a real “celebration.”
In the U.S, there are more than 300,000 white militia members, who are calling to attack the federal government in Washington, and to banish the Arabs, the Jews, and the negroes (sic) from the U.S. These are racist people. They are called “rednecks.” The Ku Klux Klan. They are racists.

These militias even think about bombing nuclear plants within the U.S. May Allah grant them success, even though we are not white, or even close to it, right? They have plans to bomb the nuclear plant at Lake Michigan. This plant is very important. It supplies electricity to all of North Africa (sic). May Allah grant success to one of these militia leaders, who is thinking about bombing this plant. I believe that we should devote part of our prayers to him. We should pray that Allah grants him success, so he can complete this mission, and we will be able to visit him and congratulate him, Allah willing.

This sort of false flag atrocity by the Obama regime may not seem so ridiculous to us, when we consider the following:

  • We know the Obama regime counts on crises, to generate change, compliant to the Marxist method.
  • We know that “the ends justify the means,” in the Marxist method, as they are instructed to resolutely ignore basic morality and ethic.
  • We know that Marxists have infiltrated Islamist leadership for a long time and David Horowitz has written about their Unholy Alliance.
  • We know that corrupt leaders stage events for effect (not uncommon for the outbreak of a war, due to its effects in psy-ops) and often kill their own citizens, often in huge numbers.
  • We know that massive psychological operations would have to be performed upon Americans, in order to accept an authoritarian police state.
  • We know that Obama’s political moves are already destroying the American economy.
  • We know that Obama aggressively pushes the mass atrocity of abortion through all nine months and even infanticide, using our tax money to push this killing of the innocent around the world.
  • We know that Obama’s policies are increasingly understood as Marxofascist and he is losing his hold on public opinion.
  • We may see that their aggressive moves include violating the 2nd Amendment rights.
  • We may see that they have experimented this week with deploying military personnel inside the nation (in Alabama) violating the Posse Comitatus act.
  • e may see that there are many military bases which have been refitted to allow occupation by (or interment of) massive numbers of the civilian population.
  • We may understand there is a growing, constitutionally provided, and necessary, free militia movement (of any number of races and creeds) in America.
  • We may understand that there is a great deal of wariness about Obama by America’s law enforcement and military personnel, sworn to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.
  • We may understand that for the concern for the Constitution by our law enforcement and military personnel to be overcome, would require (if possible) their perception of a clear and present threat to American lives.
  • We may see that law enforcement personnel (in Phoenix, Arizona and in Missouri, so far are being alerted to the “danger” of American Citizens who would defend the Constitution against national authoritarian abrogations.
  • We may understand that Obama’s massive “Organizing for America” plan includes pledging allegiance not to America, nor to the Constitution, but to Barack Obama’s plans.
  • We may recall that Obama has called for a “civilian national security force, just as powerful” as the United States military.
  • We may understand that irrational and even harmful acts are more acceptable to people who are in a panic.
  • We may understand that people in a panic may become more manipulated.
  • We may understand that Marxism and fascism require brutal authoritarianism, in order to survive.
  • We may understand that America and Americans are human beings, just as the people of so many other nations which have succumbed to Marxofascist authoritarianism.
  • We may see that those whose chief motive is to impose Marxofascism are desperate from the beginning.

Perhaps we now see how such insanity could “make sense” to the closet Marxofascism of the Obama regime, as a false flag pretext for a military police action against the patriotic Americans willing to stand in their way. Perhaps thought experiments such as this may help us gain a perspective “outside the box” and, just possibly, into The Obama Zone.